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Lord, I need patience!!!

Posted 19th July 2008 at 08:49 PM by McCokeman
I don't know. Maybe its just me. It turns out that this great job that I posted about before isn't as great as it sounded to start with.

I'm expected to accomplish in eight hours what they allow others to do in ten.

I'm really having a hard time adjusting to the change in sleep times.

And to finish it all off, I had another overnight job coming that would have paid more per hour than then one that I took. The assistant manager just hadn't notified me of it.

Satan seems to still have a good hold on my earthly life. Just when I think that I am making some strides in the way God wants me to go, Satan pops up and lets me know that I've been fooled again.

All in all, I'm still happier than I was before the job change but I guess I'm just disappointed about how things have turned out.

Please pray for God to give me what I need to feel better about my decision. I know that I jumped in the heat of the moment and I should have been more patient but it is too late now.

I guess one of these days I will finally learn what God has been trying to teach me for the last eleven months.

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