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Rogue Betrayal pt3

Posted 21st March 2012 at 06:39 AM by keb2005
Author's note: I know I said I'd get this up soon and it's not exactly soon but I didn't think about the holidays. So here it is now and sorry about Kurt only having an accent part of the time. Enjoy! Please comment!

After school Kurt was searching the mansion. He hadn't seen Rogue all day and he was worried. With good reason, to anyone there she'd run off in the middle of the night for no reason. He'd asked Kitty if she knew anything but Kitty had been sleeping when Rogue left. He sighed as he sat down on the steps of the mansion. Normally he would talk to the professor but he was gone to talk to some parents of a mutant. He'd taken Scott and Jean with him so Kurt couldn't talk to them either. The only one he could go to for help was Logan but he was out doing something.
Kitty walked up to him "Hey Kurt!" she greeted him, a smile on her face. Kurt looked up at her, desperation clearly shown on his face. "Kitty! You've got to help me! I still can't find Rogue and no one's around to help me find her!" Kitty's smile disappeared "Have you like looked in our room to see if anything's like missing?" Kurt shook his head "No, I don't think I would really find anything." Kitty sighed "Well we can like ask Logan to help. He should like be getting back soon." Kurt stood up, almost smiling "Thank you for helping me Kitty." Kitty smiled "No problem, Rogue's like a sister to me."
A while later Logan pulled into the mansion garage where Kurt was waiting. He got off his bike and set his helmet on the handle bar. "Need something elf?" he asked, his rough voice sounded rather annoyed. Kurt nodded quickly "It's Rogue! She's gone! I haven't seen her all day!" Logan's agitated visage changed to worry "When was the last time you talked to her?" Kurt responded quickly "After your danger room session yesterday. She'd seemed upset but when I tried to talk to her she said she was fine."
Logan walked briskly past him, heading towards Rogue's room. "Come on elf." he muttered as he passed Kurt. They walked quickly Rogue's room. Logan didn't even bother knocking as he walked in. Kitty was on her bed doing homework. She looked up quickly "Logan, Kurt!" she exclaimed, slightly startled from their sudden entrance. Logan took a good long look around the room, sniffing several times in the process. "Gambit." he muttered. Kitty looked at Kurt worriedly. They'd both been there when Gambit kidnapped Rogue.
Kitty looked at Logan "What are we like gonna do?" Logan glanced at her "You two" He looked back at Kurt "aren't going to do anything. I'm going to go after Gambit." Kurt frowned "But Logan, Rogue is my sister! I have to go with you!" Logan shook his head "I said no. This isn't a place for kids." Kurt sighed "Please Logan! We were both there to help her last time." he protested. Logan growled "No means no. Now get back to whatever it is you two do." he said walking out of the room.
Kurt sat down on Rogue's bed. "What are we going to do?" he asked Kitty, who had returned to her place on her bed. Kitty sighed "I like don't know!" Kurt sighed "This would be so much easier if Logan would just let us go with him!" Kitty nodded "I know! We should like totally follow him!" Kitty suggested. Kurt looked at her hopefully "That's a good idea! But he'll know we're following himů" he said, his tone dying out. Kitty sighed "Come on Kurt! It's the best shot we've got at helping Rogue!" Kurt smiled at her "Thank you again for helping me." Kitty smiled "No problem."
Meanwhile Logan called Xavier and explained what was going on. "Charles listen, we got a problem up here."
"What's wrong Logan?"
"Rogue's missing. With you gone Kurt came to me. I checked out her room and Gambit's stench was left behind. I'm goin' after him."
"I see, I presume Kurt asked to come."
"Yea, him and half pint both ask. Told 'em to stay here."
"You know they won't like that answer."
"I know, I expect they'll follow me."
"Be careful. I don't want you or the kids getting hurt."
"I will."
He hung up the phone and walked out to the garage. He got on his bike and drove off. Kurt and Kitty followed him. Kitty was holding onto Kurt as he bamfed them every few seconds to keep up with Logan at his high speed.
After who knows how long of a drive Logan arrived at Magneto's base. Kurt and Kitty were hiding near by and he knew it. He could smell them, but more importantly he could smell Gambit and Rogue. He growled as he walked inside, the two teens following. After a while he turned around "Will you two stop sneaking around?" Kurt and Kitty both poked their heads out of their hiding place. "I told you to stay at the mansion." They both sighed and Kurt said "Logan please, Rogue is my sister I had to come." Logan sighed, turning around and continuing on. Kurt and Kitty glanced at each other than ran after him.
After searching nearly everywhere in the base and finding nothing but a room full of burned boxes they were about to give up. They entered the last room, the control room. Sitting around playing with a marker was Pyro. Logan growled "Where's Gambit?" Pyro looked up at him, a smirk on his face. "I'm real glad you stopped by 'cause Oi've been bored outta my skull!" he said, standing up. Logan unsheathed his claws and growled. "Listen fire bug, can't we just talk?" Pyro laughed manically "Loike Oi'd ever do that!" he said, shooting flames at the three of them. Kitty grabbed onto both of them and phased them, causing the fire to pass through them harmlessly. Pyro frowned "Oi! That's cheating!" Logan growled as he charged at Pyro, breaking Kitty's grip on him. Logan pinned him against the wall but Pyro kicked him away. "Get offa me mate!" he exclaimed, shoving Logan back. Kurt bamfed over to the left of Pyro and Kitty ran to the right. Logan was still in front of him so he was effectively cornered. He whimpered when Kitty phased her hand through his flamethrower, ruining it. He looked at the three of them nervously. Logan asked again "Where's Gambit." Pyro laughed nervously "Since Magnetos gone Colossus bailed and went back ta Russia, Sabertooth's out playin' with a big ball of yarn somewhere and Gambit didn't leave a note on the fridge." Logan growled and stormed out of the room.
Kurt followed him but Kitty looked at Pyro and asked "Was Rogue like here at all?" Pyro looked at her. "Yea. Why would ya care? She left you." Kitty nodded. "How would you know she left rather than being kidnapped like last time?" Pyro smiled "Cause. If she was kidnapped would she 'ave been kissin' Remy?" Kitty looked at him like he was crazy, well crazier than normal, and said "Rogue would like never kiss anyone, least of all Gambit." Pyro laughed "Ya'd loike ta believe that wouldn't ya?" Kitty shook her head then ran after Kurt and Logan.
"Hey guys. Pyro like said Rogue wasn't kidnapped." They both turned and looked at her. "Vhat do you mean?" Kurt asked.
"I asked him if Rogue and like been here and all and he said while Rogue was here she" Kitty paused, shaking her head in disbelief. "He said Rogue kissed Gambit." Kurt looked at her in shock "Vhat? No vay!"
Logan sighed "Don't listen to anything the fire bug says. He lost his mind awhile ago." he said, turning to leave. Kitty sighed, following him with Kurt.

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